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SCCIOB has been in the forefront of promoting language & cultural programmes which comprise a diverse range of Business 
SCCIOB has been chartered since the day of its inception to provide a diverse range of business, management... Through the strong ties of the SCCCI (the parent organisation of SCCIOB) with China, SCCIOB has been offering training... SCCIOB caters to the learning and development needs of a wide variety of individuals and corporations...

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Why, What and How

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Aspiring Productivity
EXcellence (APEX)

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Certified In-Company
Productivity Manager Programme 

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   "WDA Grant* + 20% Training Award from SCCCF*" for Business Mandarin (* Terms & Conditions apply) Read More

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International Business Fellowship Executive Programme (iBF)

Gain latest information & build business network in China
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  SCCIOB rolls out "Practical English for Community Integration" for new immigrants
Next commencement date: 3 June 14 
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International Business Fellowship Executive Programme
    ♦  Beijing - Shenyang  October 2014
    ♦  Shanghai - Yiwu     01/11/2014

WSQ Courses:  
Service Excellence Framework
(SC/PR enjoys upto 90% funding)
C-Suite: A Proven Approach to Customer Delight and Revenue Growth  31/10/14

Leading to Diploma in Leadership and People Management

Lead Team    11/11/2014
Manage Change
Manage Achievement of Results
Cultivate Workplace Relationship 24/10/2014

Leading to Diploma in Service Leadership
Develop New Products/Services    31/10/2014
Optimise Workforce for Service Excellence 
Optimise Performance in Diverse Service Environment

Leading to Advanced Certificate in Service Excellence
Role Modelling to Establish Customer Relationships  27/10/14
Manage Service Operations and Performance 30/10/2014

Leading to Advanced Certificate in Leadership and People Management

Implement Change  31/10/2014
Encourage People 17/10/2014
Support Achievement of Results  20/10/2014

Leading to Certificate in Service Excellence
Provide Value-added Customer   31/10/2014
Respond to Service Challenges

CWPL Business Mandarin Programmes
Foundation 13/11/14
Reading & Writing Advanced 18/10/14
Comprehensive Intermediate Plus 18/10/14
Comprehensive Pre-Intermediate 
Reading & Writing Upper Intermediate  27/10/14  23/12/14 
Reading & Writing Intermediate Plus 14/11/14
Comprehensive Beginner 21/11/14
Conversational Beginner Plus 17/11/14
Comprehensive Beginner 26/11/14

Gateway to Mandarin Series
Gateway to Mandarin Level 1 & 2 - Weekday/Weekend classes available

Chinese Language Programmes
Certificate in Chinese Language (Elementary Level 1) 22/11/14
Certificate in Chinese Language (Elementary Level 2) 10/11/14

Diploma Programmes
Diploma in Business Administration
Advanced Diploma in SME Management 

Business Management Framework
WSQ Strategies for Winning and Retaining Customers 05/11/2014

Certificates & Short Courses
Business Mandarin Specialising in Finance and Accounting Terms 30/10/2014
(2-day Workshop) Business Mandarin for Managers & Executives 3&4/11/14
(2-day Workshop) Effective Mandarin Presentation and Negotiation Skils Workshop 6&7/11/14
Business Mandarin for Banking Professionals 2/12/2014


Language & Culture Studies
Business Studies
Immersion Programmes
Corporate Training

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