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CaseTrust for Education ( This Page is Obsolete )


SCCIOB is one of the Private Education Organisations certified under the Casetrust for Education Scheme.  A Private Education Organisation that achieves CaseTrust for Education is certified as an organisation that possesses the foundation for good quality student welfare/protection practices and standards with the following mechanisms in place:

  • Clear Fee Policies
  • Well-Defined Student Redress Practices and Systems
  • Disclosure of the schools Commitment of Quality
  • Well-Trained Personnel

Please visit for more information.

Click here for an image of our Casetrust For Education Certificate (Casetrust No: CT/0557 Expiry Date: 26 June 2011). 

Student Contract 
The Casetrust for Education Scheme requires both SCCIOB and all our international students to enter into a standard student contract.  Local students on selected training programmes (those of duration of 30 days or more) will also need to enter a student contract with SCCIOB.  The student contract spells out the important terms and conditions governing the relationship between the student and SCCIOB.  Both SCCIOB and the student will have to honour all the terms and conditions laid out in the student contract and in all other communication materials.  The student contract will be offered to you as part of our course application process.

Please click here to view samples of our International student contract and Local student contract.

A sample of the international Student contract in Chinese is also available here.

Student Protection Scheme
As part of Casetrust for Education requirement, SCCIOB has put in place a Student Protection Scheme (SPS) in the form of a Student Tuition Insurance with NTUC Income.  The SPS serves to protect the insured student’s fees in the event that SCCIOB is required to cease operations due to insolvency or regulatory closure by Singapore authorities.  It also serves to protect the student should SCCIOB fail to pay the sum awarded by the Singapore courts to the insured student, arising from dispute settlement between SCCIOB and the insured student.   The scheme is compulsory for all international students, while local students can opt to take up the insurance scheme.

The SPS will be addressed in the student contract signed between the student and SCCIOB, or in the Student Protection Scheme Form offered during the course application process.

Please click here for an image of the Master Insurance Policy.

Please note that students will be required to pay for the insurance premium prior to SCCIOB purchasing the insurance on their behalf.  A personal Certificate of Student Insurance will be issued to each insured student to confirm that his/her insurance cover is in place.

Student Policy and Student Hanbook
Please click here for a copy of SCCIOB's Integrated Student Policy.

Please click here for a copy of Local Student Handbook.

Please click here for a copy of International Student Handbook.

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