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Are you grappling with Chinese financial terms when you work with Chinese clients?


This course aims to equip learners with general Mandarin banking and financial terminologies. Soft skills including Chinese business etiquette and business presentations in Chinese are featured. Business reports and news articles will also be incorporated to include realistic examples from work.

Target Audience

Especially designed for learners working in the Banking and Finance sector who are able to speak and read in Chinese, but are not proficient in communicating in Mandain for business purposes. 

Course Content:

Trainers are bilingual in English and Chinese with real-time business knowledge. The class activities are designed to be learner-centred and will incorporate real life work scenarios.

Certificate of Proficiency

Awarded to participants who achieved 75% attendance and pass the class test.

Course Fees:

$650 + GST (Non-member)
$600 + GST (Member)

Funding Available:

Up to $250 Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) benefits for NTUC Union Members. Please visit for more details.

ü Business Etiquette
ü Banking Terms
ü Numerical expressions and their application
ü Corporate Profile for financial Institutions
ü Corporate Banking
ü Banking & Investment products and services
ü An overview of Chinese Financial System
ü Reading and explaining of banking/finance-related articles 

Trainer and Delivery
Class activities are designed to be learner-centred and will incorporate real life work scenarios. Led by trainers who are effectively billingual in English & Chinese and possess real-time business knowledge, this workshop will engage participants in presentation and practices to achieve maximum learning.

Time Schedule
Structure Course Fee

21 March 2015 - 11 April 2015
Every Saturday
9.00am - 5.30pm

4 sessions, 30 hours

* Registration Deadline: 7 days before class commencement.
$650+GST Non-member
$600+GST Member

Fee includes course materials

Keen to acquire essential business mandarin communication skills and cultural knowledge needed for today’s business community? 

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For more information about our Business Mandarin courses and funding available. Please contact us at  Tel: 6334 1080. Email


Enrolment Form
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Certificate in Business Mandarin for Banking Professionals Flyer

"This class was very well organised - covering many essential items for any professional keen to quickly understand the ettiquette of doing business in China, and the technical naunces of the Mandarin language in the business context .


Although the class is scheduled for 3 hours on a monday evening, I never found it tiring and would look forward to find out more every week.

The teacher was very engaging and took initiative to help us make the materials relevant to our work.

There were some exercises and subjects that were very tough - but she always made it a point to explain it all very well."


Esther Wong

BMBP testimonial
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