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Graduate Diploma in China Business

The Graduate Diploma in China Business (GDCB) programme is more than just a business management programme. It is your ticket to a successful business venture into China. Entrepreneurs and business executives will be immersed in all aspects relating to doing business in China – political structure, economic development, business sub-culture at different economic regions, contemporary business practices, China’s accounting and taxation system. With our highly experienced and inspiring lecturers delivering the programme, you can expect quality intellectual content and insightful discussions.

Programme Objectives
The programme aims to provide you with up-to-date knowledge on the contemporary political, economic and business environment in China, so that you can be equipped with the expertise required when venturing into China - negotiating with business partners or managing your businesses.
The programme will be conducted in English, with key terminologies expressed in Chinese.

Module Outline
There are 6 modules with a total class contact time of 180 hours and an expected 180 hours of self-reading and research.
Political and Business Environment of China
Regional Culture in China and Business Communication
Risk is prevalent in most business ventures particularly with a foreign country. A preliminary desk research or analysis on the country’s political and business environment could probably reduce the risk significantly. This module introduces the institutional structure, the financial and banking system together with the evolving business environment of China.
Sub-culture prevails in different economic regions of China which presents a variety of business communication practices. The focus of this module will be on the characteristics and the influence that such culture has on the style of business communication. The more prevalent regional cultures in the north, east, south-east, central China and Tibet will be introduced in this module.
Legal Structure and Practice in China
Practical Communication for Business
Laws and regulations prevail where business thrives. This module presents the legal structure that investors, businessmen and organizations could adhere or observe for starting or sustaining their business operation in China.
Engaging the target audience through effective communication is essential and crucial to the start of a business relationship, trust and customer relationship management. English-oriented officials and business executives will get to learn how to impress and express themselves in the presence of a Chinese audience or customer.
Accounting and Taxation System
Management in Practice
Keeping tab on the financial performance is a critical aspect of business sustainability. Though accounting standards might have similar objectives, differences in practice do prevail due to the each country’s regulatory environment and sovereign taxation system. This module provides an insight into the China accounting system, the accounting regulatory system, comparison between international accounting standards and Chines accounting standards and the taxation system and types of taxes.
Managers regardless of the years of experience will always find working in a new and unfamiliar environment challenging. Some may apply what is familiar while others may watch and adapt to the new environment. While management skill and experience may be an advantage, the ability to emulate, adopt and adapt will probably separate effective managers from the stereotype.

Who to Attend
Entrepreneurs, professionals, managers and executives of SMEs with at least 3 years of working experience, who are keen to better equip themselves for China business ventures are welcomed to participate in the programme.

Minimum Entry Requirements
Participants should have at least a university degree with 3 years of work experience.
Assessment Structure
There will be 10 lessons per module. Students will need to attend at least 75% of the lessons, pass the assignments and examination for each module in order to graduate from this Graduate Diploma in China Business programme.
Assignment 30%
Examination 70%
Total 100%

Programme Schedule
This programme is offered on a part-time basis, twice a week. Lessons will be held on Monday evening (7.00pm to 10.00pm) and Saturday afternoon (2.00pm to 5.00pm).
SCCIOB reserves the right to cancel or postpone the course, change the trainer and venue due to unforeseen circumstances.

Fees are to be paid over 2 installments. Payment of the first installment has to be made at least 1 week before class commencement.
Application Fee
(To be paid upon registration)
$50 + GST
Course Fee $4200 + GST
Membership Fee $50 + GST
Student Protection Scheme $24 + GST
Modes of payment available: Cash, NETS, Cheque, GIRO, Major Credit Cards.

Application Procedures
Please provide the following items in order to register for the course:
1.       Completed Enrolment Form  
2.       A recent-passport sized photograph  
3.       A photocopy of your NRIC / Passport  
4.       A photocopy of your highest education qualifications  
5.       Evidence of work experience for Diploma holders
6.       Application Fee of S$50 + GST (non-refundable)

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