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WSQ Advanced Certificate in Service Excellence

This 3+1 modules course advanced certificate will develop the strategic skills to groom the "Service Coach" in you, with the relevant competencies to nurture and supervise staff for service excellence. 

Role Modelling to Establish Customer Relationship 
(Conducted in: English / Mandarin)
Role modelling the service vision of an organisation to build customer confidence and develop customer relationships that build customer loyalty.

Course Schedule:
Medium  Schedule
 English  25 October & 01 November 2017
Every Wednesday, 9am - 6pm
 Mandarin  16 & 23 August 2017
 Every Wednesday, 9am - 6pm

Manage Service Operations and Performance
(Conducted in: English/Mandarin)
Acquire the skills in effective management of resources and service operations including staff performance and customer satisfaction level, so as to achieve service excellence.

Course Schedule:
Medium  Schedule
 English   11, 12 & 13 December 2017
 Monday - Wednesday, 9am - 6pm
 Mandarin  06 - 20 September 2017
 Every Wednesday, 9am - 6pm

Cultivate and Manage Service Performance
(Conducted in: English/Mandarin)
Learn the knowledge and application skills needed to coach individuals for service performance and to manage in a diverse service environment.

Course Schedule:
Medium  Schedule
 English   29, 30 November & 01 December 2017
 Wednesday - Friday, 9am - 6pm
 Mandarin  4 - 25 Oct 2017
 Every Wednesday, 9am - 6pm

Certified Service Professional 
(Conducted in English / Mandarin) 

This elective unit address the key development checkpoints addressing the mindset, heartset and skillset needed towards being a service professional, which is applicable across all industries and not just the service sector. 

Course Schedule:
Medium  Schedule
 English   29 August - 19 September 2017
 Every Tuesday, 9am - 6pm
 22 September - 02 October 2017
 Every Mon, 9am - 6pm

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