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Certificate in Chinese Language
Certificate in Chinese Language Course consists of three multi-levels courses. This series of progressive courses, with a comprehensive coverage of oral, reading and writing skills, help you to build up your foundation, prepare for
higher learning and finally master the language for professional purposes.

Certificate in Elementary Chinese
Certificate in Elementary Chinese focus on building a solid foundation  on Chinese phonetics, increasing your vocabulary power and enhancing your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Course Schedule (12 sessions):
 Level  Date/Time
1 Oct - 7 Nov 2018
Every Monday and Wednesday
7pm - 10pm
 2  28 May - 9 July 2018 
Every Monday and Friday
 7pm - 10pm

Certificate in Intermediate Chinese
Certificate in Intermediate Chinese is a refresher course for learners who have lower secondary school Chinese standard (or equivalent) and would like to brush up his/her Chinese for higher learning. Besides that, learners will also be introduced to the rich Chinese history and culture.  

Course Schedule (12 sessions):
 Level  Date/Time
10 April - 22 May 2018
Every Tuesday and Thursday
7pm - 10pm
 2 24 May - 5 July 2018
Every Tuesday and Thursday
7pm - 10pm

Certificate in Advanced Chinese
Certificate in Advanced Chinese is specially designed for those who would like to convey finer shades of meaning precisely through the language and master it for higher learning. Learners will also be introduced to classical Chinese and more in-depth knowledge on Chinese history and culture. 

Course Schedule (12 sessions):
 Date  Time
13 November - 20 December 2018
Every Tuesday and Thursday

 7pm - 10pm

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