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Impact of Lao Tzu, Confucius and Sun Tzu on Current Business Philosophies

Part of the China Ready Suite - Ancient Chinese philosophy is a collection of great wisdom that can be applied to contemporary business activities. Thematic approaches from philosophers Lao Tzu, Confucius and Sun Tzu that can be adopted to manage the internal and external challenges of a business entity.

Some of the applications include enterprise management, business growth, negotiation and staying competitive are the focus of the course. The understanding of these classical philosophies could inspire business entities to adopt them suitably to their business activities.

Course Content:

  • Lao Tzu’s philosophy of “nature” and its application in enterprise management, business growth, business negotiation, project planning and so on.
  • Confucius’s “benevolence, righteousness, etiquette, wisdom and trust” and the relevant application in enterprise management, interaction with people, and in direction of development
  • Sun Tzu’s concept of “conquering without fighting” and its application in business negotiation, competitiveness and market growth.


Lessons are conducted in a structured yet pragmatic manner as lectures are blended with group discussions, role-plays and individual assessments. The group discussions give participants the opportunities to share their experience while role-playing and presentation help the practice and application of concepts and approaches learned through the course.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will be able to understand and consider the suitability to adopt classic philosophy to manage their business activities such as fine-tuning corporate policy and management style, setting the business position and direction, adopting effective strategies for business negotiation, market growth and staying competitive.

Target Participants: Professionals, Managers, Executives
Medium of Instruction: 
Min. Chinese Proficiency of Applicant: C6 Pass for GCE ‘O’ Level

Course Details:

Upcoming Classes: 
27 Apr 2020 (Monday)
9.00am to 6.00pm

111 North Bridge Road #06-05/06 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098


Upcoming Classes: 
13 Aug 2020 (Thursday)
9.00am to 6.00pm

111 North Bridge Road #06-05/06 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098

Total Training Hours:
8 hours 
Registration Closing Date: 7 working days before course commencement

Course Fees:

  Singapore Citizens 
(21-39 yrs old) &
Permanent Residents
(21 & above)
SG Citizens ≥ 40yrs
Workfare Training Support (95% subsidy - Up to $53/hr)
Full Course Fees
(incl. 7% GST)
$481.50 $481.50 $481.50
 Training Grant $112.50 $375.00 $397.50
Amount Payable
(incl. 7% GST)
$369.00 $106.50 $84.00
Prices shown are not inclusive of application fee and any other additional fees that may be stipulated

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Assessment & Certification: 

Participants who achieve 75% attendance and pass the end-of-course assessment will be awarded the Certificate of Proficiency.

Download the Enrolment Form here


Contact Us:

Tel: 6505 3845
Contact Person: Danica Chan


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