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Crowd Control and Planning

Course Reference No: CRS-Q-0038601-TOU

Manage crowd control within defined boundaries including crowd control planning and risk mitigation strategies. Develop plans and procedures for effective crowd control.

Course Content:

  • Develop estimates for expected crowd turnout for events
  • Review safety and security requirements for events and venues
  • Develop crowd control plans and procedures
  • Develop traffic control plans and procedures
  • Develop vehicle incidents and accidents response plans and procedures
  • Develop emergency crowd control plans and procedures
  • Facilitate conduct of emergency drills
    ∙ Execute crisis management plans


Lessons are conducted in a structured yet pragmatic manner as lectures are blended with group discussions, role-plays and individual assessments. The group discussions give participants the opportunities to share their experience while role-playing helps the practice and application of concepts and approaches learned through the course. An e-learning component is also included in this module.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify and analyse risks associated with events involving large crowds
  2. Develop appropriate crowd control strategies
  3. Develop crowd control operational plans and procedures
  4. Develop emergency crowd control operational plans and procedures
  5. Review and monitor effectiveness of crowd control operational plan and procedures

Target Participants: 
  1. Event, Project, Event Operations Manager/Assistant Manager, Supervisor, Team Lead in organising events
  2. Industry practitioners who have the relevant work experience from other related industry or sectors wanting to enhance their skills and knowledge pertaining to the BTMICE industry
  3. Career switchers with managerial or leadership experience, or individuals in other related industry or sectors wanting to expand their job portfolio or are seeking national certification/qualification

Course Details:

Upcoming Classes: 
3 & 4 Nov 2020
9.00am to 6.00pm

Online (Using Zoom)


Upcoming Classes: 
20 & 21 Oct 2020
9.00am to 6.00pm
Language: Mandarin

Online (Using Zoom)

Total Training Hours:
16 hours
Registration Closing Date: 7 working days before course commencement

Course Fees:

  Singapore Citizens 
(21-39 yrs old) &
Permanent Residents
(21 & above)
SG Citizens ≥ 40yrs
SME Sponsored
Full Course Fees
(incl. 7% GST)
$513.60 $513.60
 Training Grant $240.00 $432.00
Amount Payable
(incl. 7% GST)
$273.60 $81.60
Prices shown are not inclusive of application fee and any other additional fees that may be stipulated

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Assessment & Certification: 

Participants who achieve 75% attendance and pass the end-of-course assessment will be awarded the Statement of Attainment.

Download the Enrolment Form here

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