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WSQ 零售专业文凭(零售营运)
WSQ Diploma in Retail (Retail Operations)

In English or Mandarin

The WSQ Diploma in Retail (Retail Operations) will equip the learners with the competencies of Retail Area Manager/District Manager holistically. Learners will deepen their analytical skill not only in problem identification, service information and results to improve the organisation’s processes but also service challenges that allude to setting sales target management for the chain of outlets under their purview.

Learners on completing the course would have deepen their knowledge and increase the manager’s ability to developing business opportunities, managing the area’s operational and service excellence plans besides order fulfilment and consistent customer experience across all stores as essential responsibilities of Area Manager/District Manager.

• Setting of operational goals and generate ideas to maintain and future proof business performance
• Develop effective customer loyalty programmes to attract potential and retain customers
• Identify problems and analyse service information that affect sales and customer relationship
• Evaluate existing business procedures and recommend improvements in alignment with organisational goals and procedures.

Course Schedule - WSQ Diploma in Retail (Retail Operations) Download Here


1 Sales Target Management Set, analyse and achieve store sales targets to guide sales performance in the store, evaluate and monitor store productivity against business objectives, as well as identify factors that affect sales operations in stores
(16 Hours)
15 & 16 Oct 2020 (English)
2 Idea Generation and Selection Facilitate brainstorming discussions, encourage idea generation and share opinions so as to evaluate and shortlist new methods, procedures, techniques or systems according to business needs
(16 Hours)
19 & 20 Oct
2020 (English)
3 Customer Loyalty Manage customer loyalty and retention programmes
(16 hours)
21 & 22 Oct 2020 (English)
4 Service Information and Results

Analyse customer data to establish and improve the level of service quality and customer satisfaction in the organisation, which includes implementing improvement plans to close gaps
(16 hours)

23 & 26 Oct
2020 (English)
5 Service Challenges Develop service recovery frameworks, cascade service recovery procedures and evaluate impact of the strategies
(16 hours)
27 & 28 Oct 2020 (English)
6 Problem Identification Identify root causes and underlying factors of problems or situations and deduce relevant linkages and patterns to identify key impact on systems and processes
(16 hours)
29 & 30 Oct
2020 (English)
7 Process Improvement Evaluate, report and resolve service shortfalls in line with organisational policies and procedures and communicate to employees changes to operational processes that are to be implemented
(16 hours)
02 & 03 Nov 2020 (English)


Course Participant Requirements

  • Minimum O or N level and /or with at least 2 years of relevance experience
    • Preferably between 21 and 69 years old,
    • For applicants above 69 years old, he/she has to be
      • Employed in the related industries together with a company recommendation letter.
      • Physically fit enough to manage the job requirements of the Retail or relevant industries
  • All course modules must be completed in sequence
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