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22 Nov

Diploma Graduates and Book Prize Award Recipients 2021

Congratulations to SCCIOB's Diploma Graduates and Book Prize Award Recipients for 2021! ...

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16 Nov

What are Your Resolutions for 2022?

A new year is coming up, are you prepared to face the new challenges in 2022? ...

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09 Sep

Do You Have Enough Digital Skills for Today's Markets?

According to a survey report, Singapore’s economy would need another 1.2 million digitally skilled workers by 2025, representing a 55 per cent jump from the present 2.2 million in the workforce ...

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05 Jul

The Future of Retail Marketing in the New Normal

The retail sector has been one of the worst affected by COVID-19 restrictions. But as the pandemic progressed, buyers flocked online to buy everything from food to fitness equipment, leading to a surge in e-commerce.  ...

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23 Mar

Why Business Mandarin is Critical in the Banking Industry

If you’re a finance professional in Singapore and you speak business-level Mandarin, you are now more sought after than ever. But not enough Singaporeans know Mandarin well enough to land a job that requires regular communication with Chinese clients and colleagues ...

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15 Mar

Why is Translation and Interpretation important in a Global Market?

To succeed globally, businesses must communicate with international audiences as flawlessly as a local company would. Making your content resonate in a market's native language may involve intepretation services, translation and localization - or both, especially in a Chinese context. ...

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