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04 Dec

Diploma Graduates and Book Prize Award Recipients 2020

SCCIOB would like to congratulate our graduates from the Diploma in Chinese Teaching programme.

Diploma in Chinese Teaching
Yan Yan 闫艳 
Wei XueMei 魏雪美 
Wu XiaoJing 伍小静 
Tian Rui 田睿 


SCCIOB would like to congratulate our graduates from the Diploma in Translation & Interpretation programme.

Diploma in Translation & Interpretation
Tang Swee Ling (Deng Cuiling) 邓翠灵 
Koh Ming Hui 许名慧 


We would also like to congratulate and award Book Prizes to the following recipients from the Certificate in International Business Mandarin programmes.

Certificate in International Business Mandarin  
Edmund Samuel Chu Wei Wan  Foundation 
Fatin Nadiah Nastasha Binte Kamsan  Foundation  
Ng Janet  Foundation  
Tania Dawnysia Sandhu  Foundation  
Genoza Cybil Marie Taladua  Foundation  
Le Thi Hong Lam  Foundation  
William Prajogo  Foundation  
Tran Thi Phuong Thao  Foundation  
William Prajogo  Beginner 
Samantha Anne Grant  Pre-intermediate 
Tran Thi Hong Nhung  Pre-intermediate 
Lee Guan Liu  Pre-intermediate 
Rina  Pre-intermediate 
Tan Kwang Sheng, Ivor John  Intermediate 
Yong Jiaxiang, Ivan  Intermediate 
Chung Siew Bee (Zeng Xiumei)  Intermediate 
Koh May Furn (Xu Meifen)  Intermediate 
Lynette Ng Siu Lien  Intermediate 
Tan Kian Yew Kenneth   Intermediate 
Caleb Kan Jit Chun  Intermediate 
Chang Choon Siew Adrian Mark  Intermediate 
Chay Chew Wan, Margaret  Intermediate 
Chay Sweet Wan Veronica  Intermediate 
Han Li Ting, Geraldine  Intermediate 
Choy Wai Ling  Intermediate 
Leong Wen Wei, Michael  Intermediate 
Khor Jing Yang  Upper-Intermediate
Melissa Yoong May Wen  Upper-Intermediate
Nichapat Tantinarawat  Upper-Intermediate
Tion Kai Xiong Louis  Upper-Intermediate 
Chung Mei Lan Michelle (Zheng Meilan Michelle)  Upper-Intermediate 
Lam Zhen Guang   Upper-Intermediate 
Tan Ding Qin Kimberly  Upper-Intermediate 
Choo Hongbiao (Zhu Hongbiao)  Upper-Intermediate 
Ang Jing Yi, Jean  Upper-Intermediate 
Phoa Shei Er, Rachel (Pan Xue'er)  Upper-Intermediate 
01 Mar

Expand your Marketability through the Chinese Consumer Market

Leverage on over one billion potential customers by developing your business and promotion strategy through honing your business acumen towards Chinese customers


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02 Feb

Lunar New Year 2021 Operating Hours

Our operating hours during the Lunar New Year 


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01 Feb

China's Growth Continues in 2021, what about you?

This is the best time to take stock of your ability to tackle the Chinese market through your command of Business Mandarin.


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11 Jan

Getting on the Digital Platform - The New Frontier for Everyone

The landscape for many industries, especially those that depend on the B2C (Business to Consumer) model, has changed, are you ready to go digital?


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23 Nov

Enrich your Knowledge Base in Retail E-Commerce

Gain the managerial and supervisory skilles to optimise e-commerce operations & skills in a retail setting!


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02 Nov

Learning to Learn - Everyone should have the courage to re-gear to stay on track

Learners need to have the right mindset and the eagerness to overcome the challenges of learning new content in order to ensure job security in the face of the pandemic and other economic challenges.


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31 Oct

The global jobs crisis and why we should think longer term

As the job landscape changes, takes more than just one area of support to ensure that the economy continues to grow and support Singaporeans.


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20 Oct

Manage Venues Effectively with the Diploma in Tourism!

As a venue manager, you are the first point of contact for your venue when it comes to queries and questions. It goes without saying, you must know everything there is to know about the venue, from the endless possibilities of seating arrangements to the food options to the various health and safety protocols.


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23 Sep

Staying Relevant during the COVID-19 Phase 1 Period

SCCCI and SCCIOB organised two programmes for SCCCI members to keep themselves updated during the Phase 1 Circuit Breaker period.


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07 Apr

SCCIOB Preps for Circuit Breaker Phase 1

We are prepared to ensure your training is not disrupted during this period.


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01 Jan

Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business Annual Report 2019

Leveraging its strengths to grow beyond the core business, focusing on technological innovation and digitalisation, improving courses and preparing for possible disruptive changes, so as to remain a leading training provider in Singapore.


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01 Jan

Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business Annual Report 2018

SCCIOB continues to leverage its strengths, envisioning new ways to grow within and beyond its core business so as to remain steadfast as an industry leader among training providers in Singapore.


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Diploma Graduates and Book Prize Award Recipients 2020

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