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Certificate in Financial Accounting

(Mandarin Only) 这个课程能够让完全没有财务会计知识的学员,在最短的时间内了解最基本的会计词汇。同时,课程也会运用最实际的例子对资产、负债及业主权益之运作及管理进行充分的评述,而且运用所学之知识对实际财务报表进行分析。所有会计词汇都以中英文表达。

Module Content

  • 财务会计的架构
    • 会计要素
    • 借贷法则
    • 日记簿
    • 分类帐
    • 明细分类帐
    • 会计方程式
  • 资产负债表的内容
    • 现金
    • 应收帐款
    • 存货
    • 固定资产
    • 投资
    • 流动与非流动负债
    • 业主权益
  • 损益表的内容
    • 发生制的观念
    • 收入之确认
    • 成本及费用之确认
  • 所得税及递延所得税,业主权益变动表及现金流量表
  • 如何分析财务报表

Target Participants:


Medium of Instruction:


Total Training Hours: 24 hours (3 hours x 8 sessions)

Min. Chinese Proficiency of Applicant:

C6 Pass for GCE ‘O’ Level

Able to comprehend and answer the assessment in Chinese according to the learning mode

In-classroom Training: writing - pen and paper

Synchronous e-learning: hanyu pinyin input method (汉语拼音输入法) using one’s personal computer (PC) web-browser

Assessment and Certification

Participants who fulfill at least 75% attendance will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance. There is no assessment for this workshop.

Course Schedule


Please call 63341080 for more information



Mode of Delivery:


Total Training Hours: 24 hours (3 hours x 8 sessions)
Registration Closing Date: 7 days before course commencement

Course Fees

Full Course Fees (incl. 7% GST) $588.50
Membership Fee (incl. 7% GST, non-refundable) $53.50

Prices shown are not inclusive of application fee and/or any other additional fees that may be stipulated.

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