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The Business Chinese Test (BCT) is an international standardised test of Chinese language proficiency to assess non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using the Chinese language in real business or common working environments. It has been the main assessment tool adopted for the Chinese Workplace Literacy (CWPL) Programme/Business Chinese since its inception in 2006. The International BCT has been adopted by 17 countries worldwide, including China, Korea, Japan, the USA, and Argentina. Many of these test-takers are from the retail, services, finance, and education sectors.

The Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business (SCCIOB) is honoured and privileged to be appointed as the sole Business Chinese Test (BCT) Centre in Singapore since 1st January 2018. The training and assessment of the BCT, supported by SkillsFuture Singapore, aims at building a pipeline of skilled workers with Business Mandarin proficiency to support the growing trade and business from the Chinese market.

Module Content

The International BCT, as a test series, consists of three independent tests: BCT (A), BCT (B), and the BCT (Oral iBT) tests. Test-takers will be tested in four skills of the language, namely Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

The BCT (A), which is oriented towards beginners, is designed to examine test takers’ ability to communicate in Chinese in daily life and during basic business activities. The BCT (B), which is oriented towards intermediate and advanced learners, is designed to examine test takers’ ability to communicate in Chinese during complex business activities. The BCT (Oral iBT) Test, which is oriented towards learners of all levels, adopts the form of a computer-based test as well as personalized and targeted questions to examine test takers’ ability to complete various communicative tasks by using spoken Chinese.

Level Test General Language Proficiency Descriptors
(Oral iBT)
  • Be fully competent to finish communicative tasks on work, social occasions and in daily life
  • Can use Chinese properly and communicative strategy effectively with coherence and logic in verbal communication
  • Be competent of most of communicative tasks on work occasions and in daily life
  • Can use proper communicative strategies coherently and logically in verbal communication
3 BCT (A)
  • Can communicate with others on working and social occasions; can discuss common topics and present opinions
  • Can express personal views clearly and consistently with communicative strategies
  • Can understand language materials that are commonly used in daily life and grasp major information; understand frequently used expressions and requirements in work environment and function accordingly
  • Can describe topics of daily work, life or social contact and express personal ideas and demands; can make a simple statement about things familiar to everyday life or events at workplace and make short explanations
  • Can understand and describe basic daily routines
  • Can use daily expressions appropriately on a given context
  • Can express personal purposes with the help of body language and contextual circumstances and make proper reactions
  • Can convey views on simple topics with limited and basic words or daily expressions


Target Participants:

The BCT is held for non-native Chinese speakers. Anyone who is a non-native speaker, whether capable of basic communication or fairly skillful communication in Chinese, may take the BCT. There are no restrictions on test takers’ age, education or length of time spent learning Chinese.

Trainees undergoing Chinese Workplace Literacy (CWPL) Programme/Business Chinese training will be advised by their training providers on the type of International BCT they should attempt, based on the skills and level of training covered in the training programmes.

Assessment and Certification

Upon completion of the tests, test-takers will be awarded an e-certificate from the Center for Language Education and Cooperation, which is recognised internationally. The e-certificate is a score report which records the test-taker’s sub-test scores and total score, without setting any passing score. The e-certificate will also provide competence descriptions for all levels of test-takers, and indicate the date of the International BCT taken by the test-taker.

There is no expiry date for the International BCT e-certificate.

Course Fees

BCT Assessment Options Comprises of Full Fee
BCT (A) Listening, Reading & Writing $214.00
BCT (B) Intermediate & Advanced Levels Listening, Reading & Writing $214.00
BCT Oral iBT Speaking $214.00
BCT (A) + BCT Oral iBT Listening, Reading & Writing + Speaking $428.00
BCT (B) + BCT Oral iBT Listening, Reading & Writing + Speaking $428.00

The above assessment fees do not comprise any preparatory courses or training. Inclusive of 7% GST.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I take the BCT and how can I make payment?
You may sign up for the BCT at the Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business (SCCIOB). Call us at +65 6505 3850 or email us at Payment must be made in full at least 15 days before the test date.
What do I need to know before requesting for a refund?
There will be no refunds for candidates who are barred from taking the test due to any violation of the rules and regulations set by the test centre, in addition and not limited to - failing to bring photo identification such as the NRIC or passport, being late for more than 10 minutes after the designated test start time and not attempting the test on the scheduled date.
When and how will I know my test results?
Results will be available 6 weeks from the test date and e-certificates will be issued 6 weeks from the release of the results.

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