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Certificate in Gateway to Mandarin

Learning Mandarin is the stepping stone towards understanding China. Gateway to Mandarin is designed Mandarin is designed to introduce practical conversational Mandarin to beginners through social and thematic context. 

This course adopts the Chinese phonetics - Hanyu Pinyin as the basis to learn how to pronounce and speak Mandarin.

There are 2 levels under this programme. 

Module Content

  • Hanyu Pinyin & Greetings
  • Getting to know each other
  • Work and Family
  • Things & Quantity
  • Time & Daily Activities
  • Dates & Schedules
  • Sports & Hobbies
  • Shopping & Colours
  • Review & Assessment
  • General Review
  • Vocabulary
  • Situation Dialogues
  • Meal Ordering
  • Making Calls & Appointments
  • Seeing a Doctor, Healthy Lifestyle
  • Booking Air Tickets & Checking In
  • Taking a Taxi
  • Transportation
  • Festivals
  • Saying Farewell
  • Review & Assessment
  • Review & Summary


Our trainers are effectively bilingual in English and Chinese and have many years of teaching experience in 2nd/3rd language acquisition with Master/Degree in Applied Linguistics, English or Chinese Languages, Education or other relevant subjects.

The use of fun activities that encourage active participation will also help learners focus on listening and conversational skills.

Learning Outcomes

This course will equip participants with the ability & confidence to handle daily situations where Mandarin is required.There are 10 units in each level. Learners are expected to learn new vocabulary and grammatical structures through conversational practices.

Level 1:
Able to understand and construct simple phrases on familiar topics.
Master 200 basic vocabulary and 30 core sentence structure.

Level 2:
Able to construct phrases on familiar topics with sufficient ease to handle short exchanges.
Master 400 basic vocabulary and 60 core sentence structures at the end of level 2.

Target Participants:

Level 1: No prior knowledge required.  
Level 2: For adult learners who can speak some Mandarin or have completed the Level 1 course. 

Medium of Instruction:

This programme is taught in English. In higher levels, the medium will gradually switch to Mandarin.

Total Training Hours: 30 hours (3 hours x 10 sessions) per level

Min. Chinese Proficiency of Applicant:

Scan/Click the QR Code to take our Gateway to Mandarin Placement Test

Assessment and Certification

Participants are to fulfil at least 75% of attendance for the course which comprises both self-directed e-learning and in-person classroom sessions. Participants are also to pass the end-of course assessment to be awarded the Certificate of Attendance (COA)

Learners who have completed Level 2 and wish to advance can go on to enrol for the Certificate in International Business Mandarin (Foundation) programme

Course Schedule

Upcoming Dates (Lv 1):

27th February 2023 to 29th March 2023


7.00pm to 10.00pm (Mondays & Wednesdays)

Mode of Delivery:

Classroom Learning

Upcoming Dates (Lv 2):

12th April 2023 to 17th May 2023


7.00pm to 10.00pm (Mondays & Wednesdays)

Mode of Delivery:

Classroom Learning

Total Training Hours: 30 hours (3 hours x 10 sessions)
Registration Closing Date: 7 days before course commencement

Course Fees

Full Course Fees (incl. 8% GST) - Per Level $604.80
Membership Fee (incl. 8% GST, non-refundable) $54.00

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