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Diploma in Professional Chinese Teaching

Intended to meet the surging demand for professional Chinese Teachers, this course is designed to train professionals who have a foundation in the Chinese language to become qualified Chinese teachers. 

Module Content

  • DCT01 - Introduction to Language Pedagogy
    • Expound and discuss the basic theory and practice of language, language learning, language teaching, especially Chinese language education, master the basic principles and methods of Chinese language teaching, analyze teaching organization and teaching material design, and combine the characteristics of the Singapore Chinese language education system. 
  • DCT02 - Theories and Methods in Composition Teaching
    • Provides guidance on how to teach students how to teach composition. It takes the basic knowledge of Chinese composition as a foothold and Singapore's local Chinese composition teaching as an example. Make specific comments, analyze common mistakes in students' writing, the standards of teachers' correction of writing and the methods and skills of commenting on writing, so as to help students effectively guide students and improve their writing level. 
  • DCT03 - Approaches and Skills in Vocabulary Teaching
    • Comprehensively improve students' understanding of Chinese language and words, focusing on breaking through the difficulties of teaching, and discussing the development of the Chinese language, the origin and nature of Chinese characters, the structure and types of words and their interdependence and inseparability. At the same time, they will have an in-depth understanding of the reasons why Chinese character learning is challenging, teaching strategies and the development trend of word teaching, so as to provide effective theoretical basis and specific method guidance for students to teach Chinese characters in the future. 
  • DCT04 - Methods and Practice for Reading Teaching
    • Focuses on the specific practice and method application in reading courses, starting from the teaching purpose of reading courses, the focus and methods of training, the exploration of teaching rules, and the guidance of teaching methods. The most important problems to be solved, such as grasping key words and understanding the intention of asking questions, are analyzed one by one, combined with the learning of how to stimulate students' interest in reading and how to read effectively, to guide Chinese teachers in effectively and comprehensively improving students' comprehensive reading level and answering skills. 
  • DCT05 - Information Technology and the Latest Chinese Teaching Methods
    • Focuses on the specific application of modern information technology in Chinese language teaching and the latest related Chinese language teaching methods, so that students can understand the influence and development trends of modern technology such as information-based teaching environment and multimedia teaching system on language teaching, and master the development trend of Chinese language teaching. The specific application of Chinese language teaching, and the most cutting-edge Chinese teaching methods are based on this, using Singapore's modern Chinese education resources to cultivate students' comprehensive ability to use information technology in language teaching, help students keep pace with the times, and improve the teaching image and teaching effect. . 
  • DCT06 - Topics in Chinese Teaching and Testing
    • Explains the theoretical basis of the Chinese test and the principles and methods of setting test questions, analyzes the common question types, test intentions and propositions of the Chinese test questions, so that students can closely link the theory with the practice, pass the Singapore Chinese test at all levels. The example of the Chinese language test is aimed at the teaching practice in Singapore, so that students can effectively, fairly and efficiently measure the students' language level during the actual teaching process. 
  • DCT07 - Introduction to Chinese Culture and Cross Cultural Communication
    • Comprehensively introduces the basic conditions of China, the basic knowledge, main characteristics and contemporary significance of Chinese culture. It will also cover the world's major cultures and the basic principles and strategies of cross-cultural communication, enabling students to interpret cultural connotations and spread their values, ways of thinking and behavioral rules, and at the same time develop cross-cultural awareness and respect different cultures so as to master cross-cultural communication skills as well as effectively solve the cross-cultural barriers usually encountered in Chinese teaching.
  • DCT08 - Contemporary Chinese Fundamentals
    • Covers the most basic and core content of modern Chinese courses, and teaches systematic modern Chinese knowledge and theories, not only focusing on systematicness and scientificity, but also emphasizing simplicity and practicality, implementing the principle of combining teaching and practice, and under the guidance of theory. In the training of analyzing language facts, students can improve their ability to observe, analyze, use modern Chinese and solve specific language problems, and lay a solid foundation for becoming a qualified Chinese language teacher. 

Target Participants:

  • Tuition teachers
  • Language centre teachers
  • Parents and others who wish to improve their Chinese language or enter the Chinese language education industry

Medium of Instruction:


Total Training Hours: 240 hours

Digital literacy is required (e.g. have attended SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace) for participants taking online lessons 

Min. Chinese Proficiency of Applicant:

  1. GCE ''O'' Level with minimum C6 in Chinese Language or equivalent.
  2. Priority will be given to those who have a pass in 'O' Levels Higher Chinese or equivalent.
  3. Preferably with some teaching or tutoring experience. Those without can also be considered on a case by case basis.

Assessment and Certification

Participants who have fulfilled 75% attendance for each module, passed the examinations of each module and met other module assessment requirements will receive the "Diploma in Professional Chinese Teaching" by SCCIOB. 

Course Schedule

Course Preview:

Please call 63341080 for more information


7.00pm - 8.30pm


Delivered via synchronous e-learning

Upcoming Dates:

Please call 63341080 for more information


7.00pm - 10.00pm & 2.00pm - 5.00pm

Mode of Delivery:

Delivered via synchronous e-learning

Total Training Hours: 240 hours
Enrolment Closing Date: 7 working days before course commencement

Course Fees

Full Course Fees (incl. 9% GST) $4,251.00
Insurance Fee (per calendar year incl. 9% GST) $16.35
Registration Fee (incl. 9% GST) $109.00


*A minimum of 12 students is required before the programme commencement. SCCIOB will confirm commencement at least 7 days before the scheduled commencement date.
A new scheduled date will be published within 3 working days in the event the programme is unable to commence.
Students have a maximum period of TWO years to complete the programme. In the event a student is unable to complete in the period allotted, all fees paid are not refundable.

SCCIOB reserves the right to vary, change and amend the course commencement date, course content, entry requirements, curriculum, examination rules, lecturers, lesson dates, venue and other aspects of the course at any time prior to or during the delivery of the course.

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