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Advanced Chinese for Business

Advanced Chinese for Business (Level I-IV) is specially designed for those who would like to master the Chinese language for higher learning, especially in business settings and situations.  Learners will also be introduced to Chinese culture, business etiquette and manners.

Module Content


Advance your Business Chinese knowledge by tackling more corporate-specific topics such as preparing your CV in Chinese and presenting yourself effectively in interview situations.

This level also includes being able to understand and contextualise topics relating to corporate welfare & environments as well as dealing with resignations/layoffs in Chinese companies.

Hone your language skills in order to be an effective communicator in a Chinese setting.

Be confident in your Business Chinese skills and tackle corporate concepts such as meeting minutes, flowcharts & reports, conducting company recruitments and developing workplans for the office.

Be able to discuss and express ideas in professional settings relating to innovation & modern enterprises and communicate your thoughts about current events in Chinese.

Sharpen your business etiquette in Chinese through the knowledge gained in this programme.


Expand your Chinese conversational skills further by learning about topics such as urbanisation, internationalisation as well as financial investment terms.

This level will also tackle business concerns such as graduate employment, the concept of "Made in China" as well as the adoption of the 'cashless lifestyle' through digital payments & e-commerce.

Be able to handle Chinese business enquiries as well as understand the pros and cons of working in a major Chinese city.

Tackle Chinese social networking - understand the different social media available and how to interact professionally and clearly on each platform.

Be able to discuss business concepts such as the influencer phenomenon, the sharing economy, emerging trends in Chinese real estate, the future of fintech from a Chinese perspective and even the metaverse economy.

Learners will be understand how the digital life works from a Chinese perspective and be able to apply the concepts learnt to tacking changing Chinese consumer attitudes.


This course adopts imported textbooks, published by reputable universities in China, specially designed for overseas Chinese learners; with additional Business Chinese components solely developed by SCCIOB. Lessons are conducted in a structured yet pragmatic manner as lectures are blended with pair work, group discussions, role-plays and presentations etc. 

Learning Outcomes

Advanced Chinese for Business (Level I-IV)

  • Maintain consistent grammatical control of the language and convey finer shades of meaning precisely in speech and writing
  • Deepen and advance norms of communication with authentic and up-to-date topics
  • Effectively and confidently communicate in contemporary lives and professional settings
  • Appreciate Chinese traditional cultural values and master the application in the world of business
  • Be able to discuss business related concepts such as digitisation, e-commerce, the metaverse & more
  • Take the lead in understanding the execution of business tasks in Chinese

Target Participants:

For those who would like to master the Chinese language for higher learning requirements and/or hone their Chinese skills for professional & business settings.

Medium of Instruction:


Total Training Hours (per level): 36 hours (3 hours x 12 sessions)

Min. Chinese Proficiency of Applicant:

Placement Test - Participants are required to sit for a placement test which is used to evaluate their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Based on the test results, participants will be placed at a level that matches their proficiency.

The placement test can be taken on Wednesdays, 2.00pm to 4.15pm (online) & Saturdays, 9.00am to 12:00pm (in-person).


For Lv I: Completed Intermediate Chinese for Business II
For Lv II: Completed Advanced Chinese for Business I
For Lv III: Completed Advanced Chinese for Business II
For Lv IV: Completed Advanced Chinese for Business III

Assessment and Certification

For each level, there is an assessment during the second last session. The assessment includes a 1-hour test assessing the participants' reading and writing skills.

Participants who pass the assessment will be awarded a Certificate of Proficiency from SCCIOB

Course Schedule


Please call 63341080 for more information


7.00pm to 10.00pm

Mode of Delivery:

Delivered via synchronous e-learning


Please call 63341080 for more information


7.00pm to 10.00pm

Mode of Delivery:

Delivered via synchronous e-learning

Total Training Hours: 36 hours (3 hours x 12 sessions)
Registration Closing Date: 7 days before course commencement

Course Fees

Full Course Fees (incl. 7% GST) - Per Level $834.60
Membership Fee (incl. 7% GST, non-refundable) $53.50

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